Our solutions

Our clients trust Outliers Consulting to have the shortest implementation time, taking advantage of our state of the art technologies.

OneStream Software

Leader and visionary

SMART EPM (EPM 2.0) Suite Cloud integrating main business processes for financial area, in one flexible and modern work environment.









  • Fully integrated Enterprise Performance Management platform.
  • All financial management processes in one application.
  • One license for all processes of financial management, planning, consolidation, reporting, financial closing, data integration, etc.
  • 100% of referable clients.
  • High level post-implementation support.
    • 7/24.
    • < 30 minutes.
  • Best cost option in the market, 3 to 5 times savings in USD.
  • Capability to extend an re-use dimensions.
  • MarketPlace – AppStore Concept – Extends the platform at no extra charge.
  • Database management “Best in Class”.

LIVE COMPARE (SAP lifecycle)

Fast and secure changes on your landscape

LiveCompare is for organizations who want to adopt an agile approach to SAP change management, innovating fast, with less cost, better quality and zero risk.

2012 Gartner “Cool Vendor”

  • Identify SAP landscape impact before applying any modification, implementation, up-grade, etc.
  • SAP ambience homologation identification un minutes.
  • Reduce tests before production up to 80%.
  • Assure effective tests and eliminates risks of omission.
  • Quick and efficient identification of your SAP licensing, based on your need, reducing expenses.
  • Reduction of time and investment SAP implementation by at least 30%.
  • Reduces at least 50% your SAP external consulting expenses.


3 of the top Fortune Global 500 companies use our solutions to simplify their SAP change control processes. With SAP Certified software, fixed price implementations and expert consultants, Revelation Software Concepts can help simplify yours too.

  • 30 day implementation.
  • Right change application is a guarantied, even with parallel developments in your SAP environments.
  • Retrofit and DevOps process automation.
  • Overwriting and version conflicts are avoided.
  • Audit assurance for application changes made on SAP environments  is granted.
  • There are no dependencies on change application process.
  • Up to 30% in savings on time and money invested controlling changes, audit and processes.

Code Profiler

Highest quality and security on your SAP systems code.

  • Identifies vulnerabilities in your company’s SAP code development.
  • Assures SAP code quality standard compliance as defined by your company’s standards.
  • Assures that code developed in your company won’t be used for bad practices.
  • Automates the quality assurance of SAP developments in your company.
  • Obtain information on the quality of your internal and external developers for evaluation purposes.
  • Save at least 50% on your external consulting expenses for SAP developments.
  • Reduce external consulting time for SAP developments.
  • Avoid real-time code errors.
  • Perform massive remediation of code.