How to Reduce the Cost-to-Production Using Automation Software

how to reduce the cost to production using automation software

When it comes to running a successful business, we all want to do more with less; faster time-to-market, intelligent innovation and better customer satisfaction. And all of this has to happen for less cost, less effort and less risk. 

A proven way to achieve these outcomes is to implement smart DevOps for SAP applications. Smart DevOps simplifies integration, communication and automation among business teams that plan, design, test, deploy, release, and support SAP applications.

Automate, Automate, Automate

“SAP HANA migrations, run & optimize existing applications and moving to a cloud-based SAP environment are just some of the projects which rely on collaboration between IT and the business,” explains Jerome Klajbor, IntelliCorp’s CEO. “Time and cost-to-market constraints mean that traditional methods of supporting these types of projects are no longer effective. If we want to help the business take back time, we need to change.”

Success Critical Software

Many customers describe our software as a “success critical” tool, crucial for digital transformation and modernization. One customer we work with in the consumer goods sector increased release days by 350%, decreased custom testing by 99% and eliminated retail store data defects. Read more here.

8 years; 1.1M changes; 62K SAP notes; Zero Defects

A global apparel company we work with used our software to deliver an 8 year back log of changes to their core business systems. There were over 1.1M changes and 62,000 SAP Notes to analyze across the support packs, and this was for just the ECC component of SAP. They got up-to-date fast, safe, and with zero defects and disruption to the business.

12,000 Hours Saved and Consulting Costs Reduced by 82%

A media company we work with underwent a large project to migrate their server and upgrade to the latest enhancement pack. They requested proposals from consulting companies and were told to budget 20 consultants, with an estimated time frame of 5 months. Instead, they used our software to estimate the scope of the project with 100% accuracy and reduce project duration to just two months. Our software reduced manual effort by telling the team exactly where impacts would be, and by reporting on which members of the development team should work on specific code. Project consulting costs were reduced by 82% and 12,000 hours were delivered back to the business.

Licensing Analysis Reduced from 80 Hours to One Hour

The Coca-Cola Company use our tools to stay on top of their SAP licensing. They cut 80 hours of analysis down to just 1 hour. They are able to deliver accurate reports to their finance teams on time, so they can save money on their future license spend. Read the full story here.

“Our software is all about intelligent automation. Automating the time consuming, error prone, manual analysis associated with development, testing, and operations, freeing up labor costs and helping organizations take back time,” says Chris Trueman, IntelliCorp’s CTO.

Whatever your plans for your SAP applications, our software will reduce your labor costs by at least 50%, helping you deliver ideas to production faster and safer than traditional methods.